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Tej Pratap Batra
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Hey there,

My Name is Tej Pratap Batra, And I'm The Founder of Marketing Mood where you learn the secrets of affiliate marketing.

I am a part-time blogger, an Internet Marketer and now a passionate Online Entrepreneur.

I was always curious about technology and tools, and I don’t remember exactly when my love for it became my passion and then profession.

In my past, I have tried many different products, tools and software online. And I have been recommending those to others as per their need for many years. But my real journey started on 02 July 2019.

Fortunately, I made my first online $700 in only my second month from Jeenee Platform.

I’m also interested in learning and guiding student or jobless people to choose the right courses and professions.

I always believe, If you are giving good to others, nothing wrong will happen to you.

But Before that Let me tell you a bit about how it happened.

My Life’s Turning Point

I remember the day; It was on 17th December 2018. I was just glancing at some posts and groups on Facebook, and then I saw a Post from Mr. Rahul Bhatnagar.

He was conducting a free Webinar on Communication Mastery.

As it was free, I decided to go for it.

I attended the webinar on 18th December, and I was so influenced that I joined the program right there. And, I’m so proud I have taken that decision.

But wait, it is not ended yet.

Instead, It is just the beginning.

While learning under Rahul Bhatnagar’s Mentorship, one day, he announced his upcoming event Enrichment Begins Within(EBW).

Now, That is for what I was looking.

So much knowledge and blueprints of their work by 25 leaders & speakers.

Mastermind session with any favorite speaker.

Knowledge of multiple streams of income.

More networking opportunities.

And more.

I somehow arranged the money to attend the Event from 24 May – 26 May 2019.

And there, in the Event, I come to know that I must start it online.

And that is when I started my online marketing journey.

About Marketingmood

This blog is basically to help you by providing the right guidance, tools, and courses which will help you with your online marketing journey.

We only recommend the right and tested products that we use. Our only aim is to give benefits to our customers, especially for the beginners in their field.

If you are looking for any inefficient products, which don’t provide value, we never promote it. The product with no quality and value is a waste.

After purchasing any tool or product on our website, please never forget to fill in your information. We assure you to send the best bonuses to the products that you have bought from us. These bonuses will help you to reduce your effort, increase productivity, and save a lot of time. You only need to purchase some of the best products on our site, and we will support you with other products that can help you complete your work better.

If you are looking for any other query, you can mail me at

Email admin@marketingmood.com

Thank you so much from my heart for visiting the website and reading about me.

Best Regards!

From your new Friend -

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