Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for new Marketers in 2020

So, you have just started your affiliate marketing journey, but now you are clueless where you can get the best affiliate products to promote.

Don’t worry; I was in quite a similar situation when I started in 2019.

I had joined a few affiliate marketing programs, but when I could not find any right product to promote. I started believing that there is no suitable product to promote in the niche of my choice.

But I was wrong.

Whether you have started with your affiliate marketing blog or without it, whatever your niche is, there are products outside for you. You just need to understand which affiliate marketing program is most beneficial for promoting in your niche.

However, It will still be quite a tough decision to choose the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs, mainly because there are numerous options to choose from, each having its own set of benefits.

And That is why, in this blog, I intend to solve the problem for you by giving you a detailed insight into some of the best Affiliate Programs. You can choose any of these as per your niche and interest to start earning.

Note: In case you are confused about which niche to choose for affiliate marketing, I can help you to select the best niche.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for new marketers
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Selecting the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

And here’s the segment that will save ample of your time! You need to know which programs are a waste of time and which are the ones that will earn you money. This can be done simply by assessing a few things about the marketing program.

Here are some critical factors which you need to take into consideration when choosing the best affiliate marketing networks to make money:

Digital Products VS Physical Products-

Digital Products like smartphone applications can fetch more commission (as high as 60%) compared to a mere 4%, which you will earn if you sell a physical product in general cases. So, choose the product and its respective program according to that.

Cookie Lifetime refers to the time window from the first click on the link until the purchase. You are eligible to earn the commission during the cookie lifetime. The rule that needs to be followed: Longer the time window, the better chances of earning a commission.

Payout Conditions- 

Some companies roll out cash monthly. Look out for organizations that pay more often at shorter intervals. 

You need to earn above a certain threshold (amount of money) to access your payment, in some cases. So, check for the minimum threshold in such cases.

Eligibility/Acceptance Criteria- 

Most companies do not require any unique criteria for accepting you as their affiliate marketer, other than a thematically designed web page. However, some organizations like Airbnb look for a certain number of audiences (~1 Million+) per month to qualify you as their Affiliate marketer. It is essential to check whether you fit the bill regarding the eligibility criteria of the organization.

Business Criteria

Size of the Market– Honestly, size doesn’t matter. What matters is the number of niches with low competition because the competition does matter. If your market size is vast, but the competition is equally vast, it is not worth the effort. 

Average EPC (Earning Per Click) – The Average EPC is the amount of money you are going to make per click on an average with that particular merchant. Try promoting expensive products so that you can earn a hefty commission, irrespective of the commission %. It will help skyrocket your income slowly but surely. 

Qualities of a Good Affiliate Marketing Program

Qualities of a Good Affiliate Marketing Program
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Choosing the right affiliate program is extremely crucial. The right program can catapult you ahead of others within no time. But even with the same efforts, an ineffective program can take you back months altogether! How can you tell a good program from a bad one? Let’s see some qualities that a good program has:

Products available in the market

If an affiliate program has many products in the market, it is better than those who don’t. It is also crucial that the program doesn’t stick to just one product and gives you the option to choose from multiple products.

Ease of Usage

It might sound cliché, but complex affiliate programs can be quite a hassle to bank on. The Affiliate program should give you easy access and an easy payout method. The rules can be extensive but should not be complicated. 

Program Popularity

If the program is relatively new and not very popular, it can be risky to choose that. Sometimes, it might pay well. Other times, it can cause irreparable losses. To be on the safer side, it is recommended that you choose from the most popular programs available as they attract consumers and vendors alike!

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners 

If you are new to affiliate marketing and are clueless about which marketing program is the best for you, refer to the list I have compiled for you. Even if you are an experienced marketer, the below list can help you scrutinize your existing program. 

1. Amazon Associates 

Amazon Associates
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Amazon Affiliate program is the most popular program currently. This is primarily because of the millions of Amazon shoppers that buy on it every day.

How do you sign up for it? Simply visit the Amazon Associates here, click on the ‘Sign Up’ button, and get started. 

Amazon Associates is a great starting point for you and because almost every niche has its place on this online marketplace, which delivers everything from a pin to a fully-functional electric appliance to your door. It has a large number of offers and schemes which you can avail easily. The user interface is simple and easy to navigate.

It is best to promote physical products via this platform. So if you are planning to promote physical products, Amazon is your best bet! 


  • Over 350+ Million Products to Promote
  • Free to Join
  • Super Easy Link Creation and Management
  • Amazon is a trustworthy Brand Worldwide.


  • Lack of payout options
  • Affiliate Cookies last only 24 hours

2. ClickBank 

ClickBank Affiliates
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ClickBank is a popular marketplace for new marketers. It is free and easy to join. It has over 6 Million Digital Products under more than 20 Categories. It is popular for commissions as high as 75% and has a user base of 200 million people worldwide.

ClickBank covers all markets from digital services to health and has a wide range of products available. It has a flexible API with improved search and results. It offers various support tools like an earning calculator, sales tools, affiliate finder that can help you. 


  • Over 6 Million Products to choose from.
  • High Commission.
  • Easy product Approval and link generation.
  • You will have lots of ‘Done For You’ tools, Banners, and email swipes help you to promote.


  • Many Spammy Products.
  • Regardless of the product value, a maximum payout of $150 per referral sale. This can put a limitation on your earnings in the future.

3. Awin 

Awin Affiliates
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Awin is operative in 11 nations and has around 1600 brands listed on its platform. It has a large European presence and is the best solution for those regionally specific to the UK and Europe.

The payment features are good with Awin because the marketer gets paid more consistently than other platforms. There are advanced tools that can help you optimize your performance. It has an expert support team that houses a local and global publisher team as well. 


  • User-friendly System which is easy to operate.
  • Payment is released two times within a month with minimum requirements in different currencies.
  • AWIN has both digital and physical products.


  • Signing up can be quite a hassle, and it requires $5 for verification.
  • No training is provided.

4. Commission Junction or CJ Affiliates 

CJ Commission Affiliates
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One cannot find fault with CJ Affiliates as they know what they are talking about. They have products in every niche you can think of, and their expertise shines through every aspect of what they do. One of the best features of CJ is that it has a fast lead and revenue generation. It has an enhanced engagement. Performance optimization tools like Toolbox, Deep Link Automation, Deep Link Generation, Real-Time Transaction Monitoring, Lead Generation, View through Tracking are offered to the marketers. 


  • One of the largest Affiliate Networks with a wide variety of products to choose from.
  • Promotes recurring commissions and also pays higher commissions.
  • An Affiliate Network to rely on as they have been in business for the past 22 long years.
  • Has many Famous Brands under one roof.


  • They have a scrutinous application process.
  • You MUST have a website in order to associate it with your CJ affiliate account. 
  • Many competitors, as it is one of the oldest affiliate networks there is.

5. JVZoo

JVZoo Affiliates
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JVZoo provides you access to thousands of programs and advertisers in a single place. It gives you all the solutions and tools needed to build a profitable business online. It supports real-time tracking of your campaign. It has an instant affiliate and commission program. Besides, you get a personal account of JVZooPAy. You can customize your campaign with the ad manager widget/plugin. 

You can easily add your consumers to lists according to their purchases. Automatic calculation and application of VAT and sales tax make it easier for the marketer. Expert support is provided to marketers.


  • 100% Commission Payouts on Few Items.
  • Free to join and good tracking service.
  • Customer service is good, and their response time is quick.
  • Easy and instant payouts possible via PayPal, Stripe, and Authorizenet
  • If you are into digital products, JVZoo is your best bet. 
  • Sell unlimited products within a wide range of categories. 
  • Only one account required to function as both a Seller and an Affiliate.


  • You might encounter a lot of junk products on the network, which makes adequate research necessary. 
  • Some of the products offer upsells that aren’t mentioned before purchasing the product. The buyer may feel cheated.
  • You need to request the vendor to permit you permission to promote the products. And they reserve the right to refuse without any valid reason. 

6. Digistore24

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Digistore24 is an Affiliate Network where vendors and publishers meet to grow their online business. It has a whopping 8000+ product range on the platform. The commissions are lucrative and may go as high as 70%.

Detailed statistics like the cancellation rates, earned per sale, conversion rate, and others are provided. Marketing materials like social media posts, emails, and banners are provided. 


  • High Affiliate Commissions
  • Free to join
  • Reliable and Fast Payments
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Immediate Affiliate Approval.


  • Limited range of products as compared to other popular networks.

7. Impact 

Impact Affiliates
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Impact manages a high number of paying great Affiliate Marketing Programs. By joining them as a media partner, you can quickly gain access to these advertisers.

Several statistics are provided, such as customer insights, ROI tracking, and data collection. There are several tracking options provided. For, e.g., email updates, affiliate tracking, cookie-less tracking. Multichannel Tracking, Brand Optimization.

This tool can also be used for insights into campaigns, reports, and dashboards, and campaign stickiness. Several tools such as multi-user access, influencer marketing reports & dashboards, and data collection are provided. 


  • Multi-layered Tracking System.
  • 17% Higher Revenues earned on the same traffic.


  • A lot of Trashy Affiliates are registered already.
  • Sales channels and background check details could be more transparent.

8. eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network
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eBay marketplace has a user-based architecture that allows you to help advertise and sell the products on their portal. 

You need to-

> Find the listings that you want to promote.

> Promote them using eBay Partner Network.

It is one of the biggest marketplaces online. It has an easy signup process and grants a new customer bonus too. Several tools such as Site-Wide Linking, Bookmarklet Tool, Smart Share, Link Generator are offered. 


  • ×2 Commission for the first three months 
  • Huge Brand Trust and easiest application process there is. 
  • Most straightforward Affiliate Sales Program
  • Most diverse marketplace 
  • Commission rates range from 40% to 60% 
  • One of the biggest pros of eBay is that it doesn’t restrict you from working with other affiliate networks. You can be an affiliate and conduct business with other merchants and networks to boost your income.


  • You earn $0 if an auction takes 10+ Days to end.
  • Affiliate cookies seldom last longer than the auction duration.
  • It can be a bit confusing for buyers to purchase from eBay.

9. Fiverr Affiliate Program 

Fiverr Affiliate Program
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With a presence in 190 Nations and 11+ Million Users across the globe, Fiverr is one of the largest digital services marketplaces. It offers solutions to almost every possible niche, right from digital products to more.

You can quickly check out the seller rating and feedback on Fiverr. It has multi-category jobs. There is a private communication enabled. Multi-currency support is available. The payment gateway is extremely secure. 

Most Lucrative Part- It is free to start with!


  • No referral limit as you get lifetime attribution.
  • Great Value for money.
  • User-friendly Dashboard.


  • You only get paid for 1st-time buyers.
  • Typical commission payout, even if the purchase made was a big one.

10. Rakuten Advertising 

Rakuten Advertising
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Rakuten stores everything from daily use products to fully-functional drones. If you need something, you can find it in this leading online store. It gives you access to several performance boosting tools such as Account Management, Attribution and Insights, Feed Management, Affiliate Monitoring, and Screening, Affiliate Marketing Tools.

Bonus Point– They wish to pay you for helping to sell anything sold on their platform. 


  • Stable Functionalities
  • Great Customer Support 
  • A service one can blindly trust


  • You need to apply to each brand individually that you wish to promote
  • Hard-to-navigate knowledge base

11. Avangate Affiliate Network 

Avangate Affiliate Network
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Avangate Affiliate Network is the number 1 software Affiliate Network which offers over 22 thousand software items, SaaS, and digital solutions to promote as an affiliate.

It Allows Marketers to create customized deep-links to all levels of a merchant’s site. Marketers can generate these types of custom tracking links- Custom URL, Vendor Website, Download Trial (if available), Product Page, Checkout, Add to Shopping Cart, Checkout with cart functionalities.

Customers can choose their affiliates to generate their discount coupons. It also allows merchants to partner with other Avangate vendors and earn money by selling each other’s products in their cart. 


  • Reliable Payments
  • Several Affiliate Link Options
  • Robust reporting options to quickly track down your conversions and links 


  • $100 is the minimum payout threshold 
  • 180 days is the maximum Cookie Length

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are some critical factors to be considered when choosing an Affiliate Program?

You need to consider all the below factors to narrow down to the best affiliate programs for you, as they can create a significant impact on your earnings. 

Eligibility Criteria

Payout Conditions

Product Base (Digital vs. Physical)

Earning per Sale (Scope)

Size of the Prospective Market

Cookie Lifetime

Q. What are the qualities of the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners? 

Easy usage (Not extensively technical)

Have a large number of products in the Marketplace (a healthy mix of physical and digital products)

Immensely Popular (Credible and Trustworthy)

Q. What are some ways in which you can make your affiliate marketing journey fruitful? 

1. Always review a product before endorsing it.
2. Promote products that are closely related to your niche.
3. Research immensely before finalizing an affiliate program and the products you wish to promote.
4. Stay updated about the trends of your niche and products.

Q. Which Affiliate marketing programs are the best for promoting without a website?

Although there are many programs which you can join, I believe that the following programs have really good products and are easy to promote even without a website.





eBay Partner Network

Q Should I pay to join an affiliate program?

No, You don’t need to pay to join any Affiliate Program. If any Affiliate Network asks you to pay, I would recommend avoiding that Affiliate Network.

However, some product owners inside the affiliate platforms may want you to buy the product itself to try before promoting.

Q. Why is ClickBank not preferred by some people?

There are many reasons why many affiliate marketers don’t prefer ClickBank. Let’s have a look at a few of them here.

The platform has many low-quality and scam affiliate products.

The outdated user interface is another reason why people avoid ClickBank.

If you have a dormant account and have left some money balance in your account, they reserve the right to take away that money! That is one weird rule no one would approve of.

ClickBank possesses several 1-star ratings for the products they’ve sold on their marketplace.


Hopefully, this post has given you a good idea of some of the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs available for you to choose from. 

Remember, the most important thing is what your viewers are going to like. So, sign up for a program that resonates with your audience. And if you face any difficulties, I am here to guide you! 

Please share this post with everyone who you think might benefit from it.

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